Launched in 2017 Cotton and Creme was created as my outlet to share all things food, fashion, and fun. If your passions include eating and having fun with friends then you will feel right at home here. It took time to realize that loving to cook for those I love wasn’t just a hobby but a real inspiration of what I wanted to contribute in life. The excitement of creating an outfit or a new dish are not only fun but an expression of myself.

I have always loved eating but growing up as a picky eater made things difficult. It was because of my particular preferences that I was forced to learn how to prepare a lot of different dishes. The same could be said about clothes in the fact that I grew up going to a private school where you wore a uniform. It wasn’t until after high school that I discovered the wonders of fashion. I believe that the tastes in both of these aspects are not only important to life but also a big part of what makes them worth enjoying. If you feel the same way please subscribe to my blog and leave a comment about what you are most passionate about!


*UPDATE* Follow me on Twitch.tv/cottonandcreme to see what I’ve been up to lately!