Isn’t life GRAPE!

Imagine taking a grape and wrapping it in cotton candy…

Little bites of happiness…


I went to Sprouts with the intention of buying one thing and suddenly came out with an armful! (Oh dear…) But I promise it wasn’t a complete impulse buy… well.. it maybe it was.

PRESENTING…. Kim’s first ever GRAPE GALA!!!!!

I have a weakness for new and exotic fruits. Remember the Grapple? (Cross between that grape and an apple) Yup.. I was all over tasting that one too. But today I had to introduce you to these two varieties I came across today.

Cotton Candy Grape

Meet the Cotton Candy Grape… now this one I have actually tried a few years back but I thought it was worth a second taste. Imagine taking a grape and wrapping it in cotton candy… (sooo sweeet) because that is EXACTLY what it tastes like! They may look like just another green grape but seriously the sweetness level on these are no joke.

Moon Drop Grape

The second variety is this Moon Drop Grape. It looks like.. well… a black long… thing. (HAHAHA) But give it a chance and taste this stretched out version of a sweet and crisp grape. It tasted.. Super… Grape-y? Like the most grapey grape you ever did taste! The flesh was also much firmer than any normal red flame or other average variety.

So what was the point? Deliciousness. What are some varieties of fruits or veggies that you have tried recently? Let me know in the comments below so I can try them too!

Have a GRAPE day!