Imagine a crepe and a custard had a love affair… and then after sitting in a hot cast iron in the oven at 475 degrees for about 18 minutes..they had a baby. A DUTCH BABY that is (also known as a German Pancake.)

Four eggs, a cup of flour, cup of milk, a healthy dab of butter, and a pinch of salt, thats it! These little.. or actually GIANT babies are AH-MAY-ZING! My preferred way of eating them is with lots of powdered sugar, butter, and a squeeze of lemon! If you’re looking to try making one of these yourself then I recommend “Brown Eyed Baker’s” Recipe.

Or you could be lazy like me and head over to Elmer’s. A classic American Style diner that serves these bad boys up just the way I like them. Years ago when I was much younger my parents would take me to the Elmer’s located in Indio (it has since closed down). Dad would get some eggs or such and mom would always get the “German Pancake”. I love the crisp puffy sides the way they billow over the giant plate.

Luckily after moving to Palm Springs I have rediscovered my love affair with the giant. If you haven’t tried one out grab a friend and order one for yourself! Bon Appetite!

Modernism Week in Palm Springs

Stop the presses! Modernism Week has come to Palm Springs! A week in a half long event filled with house tours, parties, and so much more! (YAY) Not often do you see people dressed in their dapper best parading around through houses that look like something out of a magazine. Or at least not every day…

This year the highlight of my Modernism Week adventure was first and foremost the new West Elm Pool House managed by the #bestvacationrentalsever Acme House Company. I cannot say enough about that backyard!!! Talk about the perfect place to host a garden dinner party!!!

I’m sad to see it going to soon but super excited for next year! What was your favorite part of Modernism Week?