4-H Farmers Market

Did you know that I used to raise chickens, pigs, goats, and so much more?

1996 Farmers Fair with my Chicken (Dovey) *Side note.. I smashed my finger in a car door, the chicken did not bite me*

Why? Because I was in a youth program called 4-H. Similar to FFA (Future Farmers of America) 4-H teaches children and teens about animal husbandry as well as other crafts and skills. I raised animals of all shapes and sizes and sold them at auction year after year until I was 19.

One of my goats (Lokelani translation: Heavenly Rose)

I like to believe that choosing to spend my spare time outside of school learning how to care for a garden and properly take care of animal projects shaped me into the person I am today.

Playing on the John Deer Tractor from RDO

Once a year my former club the Desert Sandblasters 4-H Club puts on their annual produce sale. This little produce sale has grown and transformed since it’s first year back when I was leading the charge! (Did I mention I was club president for a number of years?)

Sweet Corn donated by PRIME TIME at the start of the line!
Acorn and Butternut for sale!

Now days the club partners up with the Indio FFA as well as a couple of other local agriculture groups to have a one day produce sale. Commercial local growers each donate product for the kids to sell (Prime Time, Ocean mist, Peter Rabbit Farms, and so many more.)

Delicious chili baskets filled to the brim!
This Produce sale also had transplant babies from Headstart Nursery! Pictured: Baby basil

Getting out to go grocery shopping is great but doing it to support my local 4-H club is even better. Why not research your local 4-H or FFA and see what fun events they will be hosting next!

My sister, brother in law, and 4-H member Ryan Percy.

To see what my old club is up to check out their instagram!


Isn’t life GRAPE!

Imagine taking a grape and wrapping it in cotton candy…

Little bites of happiness…


I went to Sprouts with the intention of buying one thing and suddenly came out with an armful! (Oh dear…) But I promise it wasn’t a complete impulse buy… well.. it maybe it was.

PRESENTING…. Kim’s first ever GRAPE GALA!!!!!

I have a weakness for new and exotic fruits. Remember the Grapple? (Cross between that grape and an apple) Yup.. I was all over tasting that one too. But today I had to introduce you to these two varieties I came across today.

Cotton Candy Grape

Meet the Cotton Candy Grape… now this one I have actually tried a few years back but I thought it was worth a second taste. Imagine taking a grape and wrapping it in cotton candy… (sooo sweeet) because that is EXACTLY what it tastes like! They may look like just another green grape but seriously the sweetness level on these are no joke.

Moon Drop Grape

The second variety is this Moon Drop Grape. It looks like.. well… a black long… thing. (HAHAHA) But give it a chance and taste this stretched out version of a sweet and crisp grape. It tasted.. Super… Grape-y? Like the most grapey grape you ever did taste! The flesh was also much firmer than any normal red flame or other average variety.

So what was the point? Deliciousness. What are some varieties of fruits or veggies that you have tried recently? Let me know in the comments below so I can try them too!

Have a GRAPE day!