Seared Ahi Salad

I grew up in a family of sashimi eaters. Mom, dad, and my sister all loved raw fish but I couldn’t get past the texture. That is until one day I was given a bite of tataki, a seared tuna served with a citrus soy sauce dressing. From there I learned how to appreciate the delicate taste of raw fish. If you have a newcomer to the raw fish world, I suggest trying this recipe as a gateway to the world of YUM! This lightly seared tuna with the roasted sesame dressing does the perfect introduction without any of the ick factor.

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Sip Sip Hooray!!!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love to eat? I recently had a moment where I realized a lot of my decisions are driven by my love of good food. Where are we going for vacation? Well… this place has great seafood but that place has the best tacos. You catch my drift?

Bells Passion Fruit beer, Tangy and refreshing

I’ve never been a beer drinker despite having tried it on numerous occasions from many places. I gotta admit that the malt beverage had never become one of my go to sips. So you can imagine my reluctance to attend a craft beer tasting event. My first instinct was to decline but Bubba at the amazing On the Mark Palm Springs reassured me that they also had ciders and even this “beer” for non-beer drinkers to go with some food pairings…. he caught me at the food pairings.  On the Mark Palm Springs is notorious for having the best charcuterie boards and specialty foods in their shop. Did I mention that they give samples… soooo many samples! On any day of the week they are sampling anything between mustard, chutney, spreads, oils, jams, wines, cheese and more! (I am guilty of being a frequent flyer at this store simply to see what is out to taste. )

Amazing Staff! The man himself Bubba and his stunning wife!

I arrived to the shop for the Craft Beer and Cider Tasting event on a warm Friday afternoon and  was greeted by a small gathering of fellow food and drink lovers. I’m told that during the cooler months, On the Mark Provides white benches outside of their shop and sets up tables for the event but has to move inside once temperatures reach the 100’s (for obvious reasons).  At a long table covered in white cloth was half a dozen different beers and brands I’d never heard of, each with their own flavor twist. I didn’t know where to begin so I shamelessly asked one of the staff working, “I don’t drink beer so which one should I try” After a few laughs and questions about what I do drink, I was recommended a passion fruit infused beer by Bells.  It barely tasted like beer so of course I loved it! Following my first glass I continued on tasting the rest of the beer offerings that I was told was not so Beer-y.

Inside of On The Mark Palm Springs! Look at all of these yummy goodies!

There is nothing like sitting in the open air watching the Palm Canyon traffic drive by while sipping on a little glass of bubbly brew and maybe even striking up a conversation with the couple next to me. Oh Right.. forgot to mention I went to this event alone cause I was unable to find a friend to join me but that was OKAY! Everyone was so friendly and I was able to easily make friends with anyone close enough to clink glasses with.

Tasty Bites to pair with all of the libations offered that afternoon!

To go with my beer “tastings” (I use quotations here because the pour was a very heavy pour and you could go back for seconds… or thirds… or probably fourths) you were offered a few light crunchy bites. VEGAN croutons with garlic… not sure how they made these but they were so delish I could have eaten the whole bag in one sitting. There were also some gourmet cheese puff chips were also offered which were great although I would go back for seconds on the croutons in a heartbeat.

I really enjoyed these ciders… Get them inside On the Mark!

Now around this time you might be thinking, chips and croutons? That’s it?! HAHAHA ohhhh was I wrong! Suddenly Mark (the owner of On the Mark, hence the name) spoke up and quickly thanked everyone and as if he read my mind introduced Bubba who took over and announced that there was more food! Raclette cheese melted under a heat lamp and generously dribbled on top of garlic potatoes….. Bbq chicken nachos…. drool…… Mikes American Gourmet Sausages?! Let’s just say I had to go and buy a package of those sausages to take home for dinner that night.

These were so good that I had to bring some home!

I encourage anyone wondering if they should go to one of these events to just take my advice and go! Bring a friend and enjoy getting a little bit tipsy in a very classy atmosphere. Don’t have any friends? No problem you’re guaranteed to make some new ones while you sip and dip and taste!

Just another amazing day in Palm Springs!

Special thank you to On the Mark for putting on such a great event. If you’d like more info about their tasting events you can visit their website or follow them on instagram @onthemarkpalmsprings.

Wondering if you should take the plunge and join in on the next tasting event? The answer is YES! Do it!


*Info about the tastings offered *


Calidad Cerveceria
Revisions Brewing
Artifax Brewing
Alamanc Brewery
Claremont Handcrafted Ales
Bell’s Brewery
Steigl Radlers
Fall Brewing
House Beer
Golden State Cider
Raclette Cheese scraped over garlic potatoes
Made Mikes American Gourmet Sausages
BBQ Chicken Nachos ( Smoked Habanero BBQ Sauce by Marshall’s Haute Sauce)
Serious Cheesy Puffs
Kelly’s Cheezy Garlic Vegan Croutons



Latin BBQ in the desert!

This is gonna be me after I eat everything!

Babes BBQ and Brewery just introduced their new Latin fusion menu at their Rancho Mirage location! Offerings included Smoked Chicken Mole Tacos, Tri-tip & Cheddar Quesadillas, Goat Cheese Tamales, and Fresh Churros with warm chocolate to dip in!

Friends from left to right: John Patrick, Joe Enos, Me and Morgan! 

If you haven’t been to Babes yet and enjoy your smoked meats I recommend taking some time to visit this this Greater Palm Springs Restaurant located in Rancho Mirage at The RIVER off of highway 111. The entrance is marked by the iconic copper hogs guarding the doors (a total photo op if I don’t say so myself.) The restaurant atmosphere is a classy brewery perfect for bringing a group of friends to enjoy happy hour with or even a first date. Cozy booths line the interior as well as a few cow print lined chairs at some of their larger tables ( I mean.. cause cows… and bbq… duhhh). On the night I was there we were treated to live music but it was enjoyable and you didn’t have to yell or struggle to hold a conversation with the person next to you aka… if you were on a date.

Goat Cheese Tamale YUMMMMM

During the special tasting event I was lucky enough to sample some of their new menu items. The tasty goat cheese tamale was a unique twist on the classic tamale but one of the faves! Everything was beautifully presented and deliciously seasoned as is expected from this locals favorite restaurant! Our server was super excited about introducing the menu and after tasting it I get why.

Tacos from left to right, Smoked chicken on nopal tortilla, pork belly on corn, fish on flour tortilla. 

For fun I decided to try a trio of their new tacos. The Pork Belly was topped with piloncillo, guacamole, mango salsa, and cilantro. I’m not much of a fat eating type of person but the mango salsa in this one was just beautiful. Second taco was the Smoked Chicken Mole topped with queso fresco, almond slices, cilantro and escabeche. This taco was packed with meat and the pickled onions gave the bite a nice lift with the acidity. Last but not least was the Fried Cod taco with summer slaw, creamy guacamole and citrus slices. I wasn’t sure about eating oranges with my fish taco but I can honestly say it was one of my favorite bites out of the three! Even though I only got to sample three of of the six flavors I will say that you can probably order any taco off the menu and end up with a delicious fusion. Final thing I wanna mention about the tacos is that you can choose from three tortilla flavors including corn, flour, or green nopal. In case you don’t know what nopal is… think cactus. I know what you’re thinking… Ew cactus? But don’t worry it doesn’t have a strange flavor and coincidentally was the largest out of the three tortillas.  (YAY MORE TACOS!)

Just another shot of tacos.. cause.. tacos. 

My tips for next time you’re wandering through Rancho Mirage and wondering what to do for dinner maybe give Babes a try! I recommend grabbing a house margarita when you arrive and sitting outside on their open air patio. Take your time and cheers to the happy hour before you settle down with your menu. Maybe enjoy a trio of their new tacos or if you’re feeling a little bit hungrier try one of their fusion rib offerings!  Stuff your face with yummy meats and then order some churros while you watch the sunset over the beautiful desert sky! (I forgot to get a picture of the churros cause… YUM they were gone before I remembered hahahah oops!)

Babes is open this summer with a special 1/2 off of their Dinner menu from 4:00 – 6:30 PM. Sooo you know I’m gonna grab my friends and head over for a early dinner followed probably by a movie around the corner. Who knows! Let me know what you thought of the new menu I’d live to compare notes! But until next time everyone!

New Latin Fusion Menu!

*This post has not be paid for or sponsored, I simply like to eat good food. *

Fried Ahi (Recipe)



Panko is a well known ingredient that you can find at most grocery stores. The Japanese style bread crumbs are the perfect breading for any type fried fish recipe. This may look like a tricky fancy recipe but it is actually very easy and now I am proud to share my family’s recipe for creating foolproof panko fried fish. 

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You will Need

  • A Block of your fish of choice. I am using Ahi.
  • 1 Egg
  • Panko Breadcrumbs (about 1 cup)
  • 1 tsp cornstarch
  • Oil for frying (I use coconut oil but you can use canola or vegetable oil)
  • A Large nonstick pan for frying.
  • Large plate lined with Paper towels


  1. Slice your fish into ½ inch to 1 inch thick cutlets.
  2. Crack your egg into a bowl and mix well to create the egg wash.
  3. Add panko and cornstarch into a bowl and gently mix with a fork to coat the breadcrumbs in the cornstarch.
  4. Heat your pan and add the oil, Be generous with the oil about ½ inch deep in the pan.
  5. Taking a slice of fish first place it in egg wash bowl to coat before placing in the breadcrumb mixture.
  6. Make sure to press the breadcrumbs into the fish and then turn over and repeat.
  7. Once your oil is hot pick up breaded fish and gently tap off any extra breadcrumbs before carefully placing in the hot oil.
  8. Cook the fish on each side until the breadcrumbs have turned a golden brown using tongs to turn over. (about 1-2 mins per side)
  9. Once cooked remove fried fish from the pan and place on plate with paper towels to help drain off the excess oil (this keeps the fish crunchy)
  10. Serve the fish hot with soy sauce. Or any favorite sauce of your choice.


*If you are doing large amounts of fish you may need double up on the egg wash and breadcrumb mixture. Also if the pan starts to smoke remove the panko bits that have fallen into the oil then start over with a clean pan and new oil.

Seared Ahi Salad

I grew up in a family of sashimi eaters. Mom, dad, and my sister all loved raw fish but I couldn’t get past the texture. That is until one day I was given a bite of tataki, a seared tuna served with a citrus soy sauce dressing. From there I learned how to appreciate the delicate taste of raw fish. If you have a newcomer to the raw fish world, I suggest trying this recipe as a gateway to the world of YUM! This lightly seared tuna with the roasted sesame dressing does the perfect introduction without any of the ick factor. 



To Create this dish for yourself click the link below to my recipe posted on Bloody Decks Outdoors.



Moving Day

I recently moved into my first apartment (YAY!!!) and boy has this been an eye opener. The whole process of just finding a place that fits your needs and wants is a whirlwind but the actual moving in process is nothing short of exhausting. (Stairs… you have become a mortal enemy.)

Here is my list of the top 5 things you need to know when moving into an apartment. (for the first time)

  1. HELP, ALWAYS accept help, friends, family, that random person who asked if you would like carrying some boxes.. Honestly you never realize how much energy it takes to move your life from one location to another so put away the pride and don’t be afraid to ask for help. (Be sure to properly thank and do your best to compensate the help though, I have noticed that drinks or dinner/lunch seem to work best.)
  2. Measure twice, cut once. My grandfather always told my dad measure twice cut once and I never truly understood the value of this saying until I had to buy furniture and fit it into the tiny space I now call home. Don’t get me wrong it’s a blast playing Tetris with your living room but measure once.. mark it down and then measure again… and then after that make sure you bring your measuring tape with you EVERYWHERE you go.. it will really save you a lot of headaches down the line.
  3. Invest in a tool kit. When I graduated high school one of the most memorable and used gift I received was a pink tool kit. It came complete with a hammer, all sorts of wrenches, screwdrivers (with tons of different adapters), a measuring tape (see item 2), and a “stylish” pink matching carrying bag. My 18 year old self couldn’t imagine the amounts of times that this bag would become my best friend. There are countless uses for a tool kit in every day life but it is a real life saver when it comes to moving. Furniture, doors, appliances that require some assembly… you name it! I cannot stress how wonderful it is to have a tool kit with you when you’re trying to tighten and tweak things for your new home.
  4. Toilet paper, paper towels, a plunger, and trash bags. You should not enter the doors of your new places without these items.. Just trust me.
  5. TIME It’s not a race. Take your time and really get into the idea that this is real life and not one of those reality shows where the person moves into a dump and after the commercial break the place is completely put together. You will have tons of boxes. You will have moments of wondering if you are a a delusional hoarder. You will get there and one day suddenly realize that you’ve done it! You’ve finally unpacked your last box. Even if it takes a year before that happens!


What are your tips for people moving into a new place? I’d love to hear some helpful comments or experiences of your moves.