“MVKT” Most Valuable Kitchen Tool

You know that feeling when you put on your favorite outfit. The one that you KNOW makes you look and feel like a 10! That’s how I feel about my chef knife!

It’s such a simple and lightweight tool that its kinda funny really. Second in my list of most valuable are chopsticks but let’s not go there.

The knife that I am absolutely in love with right now is actually a stainless steel Daiso knife. What is Daiso you ask? Daiso is only the best freaking place in the world! It’s my disneyland for all things that I didn’t even know that I needed! And here is the kicker! Most of the items are only $1.50 each! Dollar fifty? Who cares we have dollar stores all over the place but WAIT! This brightly lit store is filled with items worth soooo much more! Everything from gardening tools to stationary and cooking pieces!!!

If you’ve never been to Daiso it could best be described as a Japanese Dollar store. And this is where I purchased my absolute favorite knife! Not only is it suuuper sharp but it is the perfect weight for my cooking needs. I know what you’re thinking… chef knives should be heavy duty and strong but don’t underestimate the power of this little tool! Every day chopping and dicing are made effortless because of this little baby! And it’s so cheap you could almost treat it like a disposable… Almost.

For me I try to keep an extra knife hidden away somewhere just in case something does happen to my precious Daiso knife but so far I have only had to replace it ONCE in the course of a couple years after daily use. Not bad for a $1.50 right?

What is your MVKT? Let me know in the comments below!

A New Star is Born!

One of the many Palm Springs Stars! 

If you have ever visited downtown Palm Springs you will have noticed the walk of stars that line the pavement up and down Palm Canyon Drive. Today I witnessed the birth of a new Palm Springs Star. The Debbie Gibson star was just unveiled this morning with the STAR herself!


Debbie Gibson and all of her loved ones and supporters present for the unveiling!

I was lucky enough to be among the crowd of “DebHeads” as the dedication was made. The Palm Springs Walk of Stars began back in 1992 (WAY before my time) and has since included Hollywood names such as Buddy Rogers, Sonny Bono, Mary Pickford, Frank Sinatra, and so many more!!! So next time you’re in Palm Springs take some time to wander down the sidewalk  discover all of the stars. I always do!

Congratulations Debbie Gibson! 


So often I get asked the question: “Where did the name Cotton and Creme come from? “Well sit down kiddies I’m gonna tell you a story about back in my day. (HAHHAHA) But here is the truth… the long and short of it.

When I was younger I participated in a organization called 4-H. Similar to FFA, 4-H was aimed at children ages 5-18 and covered everything from sewing, cooking, photography, as well as animal husbandry. Yup! You guessed it! I raised animals! Goats, chickens, pigs, all animals big and small.

In 4-H there are different types of competitions. Market, Dairy, breeding, and then a few fun ones. One of the most creative of these branches was a competition called Lads and lassies. In this you had a showman and a sheep who dressed up together in matching attire that was supposed to be comprised of… WOOL! It was for all purposes a fashion show! Most fairs have the Lads and Lassies competition but it wasn’t until I was 13 or so that I was introduced to the Cotton and Creme version. Having never owned a sheep I wasn’t able to compete in the Lads and Lassies, however…. at one fair they had a goat version of this with a minor change in the detail, the outfit needed to be…. drumroll… COTTON! Hence the name Cotton and Creme!

It’s a part of my past and I thought it would be fitting for a girl who loves food and fashion! What are some fun things that you participated in as a child?

10 Things that you should do on your birthday.

If you have been counting you will already know that I recently celebrated my 28th birthday! (YAY) To commemorate these 28 years I have put together a list of 10 things I recommend doing on your birthday!


  1. Relax! If ever there was a day you were entitled to just taking it easy and sleeping in bed today is the day most people would agree you should do it!
  2. Have fun! What do you enjoy? Hiking, shopping, spending time with friends? Whatever it is, take some time to have some fun!
  3. Smile! Congrats you are one year older! Being alive is great so be happy!
  4. Enjoy all of the free things! Some restaurants offer free meals on your birthday! Take advantage and get a nice meal!
  5. Try something new. Whether it’s a new dish at a restaurant or maybe just a different colored eyeshadow, enjoy creating some new memories.
  6. Take a picture! The day will fly by since you’re having so much fun! Capture that memory!
  7. Have cake. If you like cake… eat cake.. if you prefer ice cream… eat ice cream. Who’s gonna judge! It is your birthday after all!
  8. Blow out your candles and actually make a wish! If you have a cake and candles! Don’t forget to make that wish! There is nothing wrong with wishing for wings! So WISH!
  9. Be Kind. Sometimes I know that I can get demanding when I really really want something. So take it from someone who knows.. be kind to everyone around you regardless.
  10.  Call your Mom. If you are lucky enough to still have your Mom around give her a call. Remember it’s a special day for her too!


You don’t have to do the entire list but I recommend choosing a couple to remember for your birthday! Comment below and let me know what your top 10 are!

Visiting the Hsi Lai Temple

In January I got the chance to visit the Hsi Lai Temple just outside of LA. I wasn’t sure what to expect to be honest, I had been to a few Buddhist temples before but never one this big! The people at the temple were preparing for Lunar New Year which meant lots of decorations and flower lanterns everywhere (I mean.. EVERYWHERE).

The people inside the temple working there were nothing short of SUPER freaking nice and they even gave us these little mp3 players to use on a self guided tour. While there we were informed that we could take photos anywhere outside but not inside of the buildings. We were curious about why not inside the building and the nice information lady told us that according to their religion it is bad luck to throw away an image of a Buddha. So to protect us non informed people from possibly creating bad karma for ourselves they make sure that we don’t take photos of any of the what seemed like thousands of statues.

A vegetarian buffet is available for a $7 donation during the lunch hours and you’re welcome to roam around and even try out their tea service. Even for non-Buddhist people it was a really relaxing and beautiful place to take photos and spend a couple of minutes. I highly recommend stopping by to take a look at the big gates if you happen to be in the area!


Beware the ides of March!

Did you know that the ides means middle? So the Ides of March means the middle of March. I don’t think Shakespeare had any idea of how influential this phrase would become when he first wrote it but it seems to have stuck as a day of doom.

I had a English Teacher in High School, Mrs. Fulton, at the time I ended up becoming her TA or teachers assistant. I have to say I’m not usually a teachers pet but I really enjoyed my time correcting quizzes or updating journal counts. It also gave me time to catch up on a lot of homework that I had from other classes.

When she became pregnant with her first child the next year I was her TA again… Don’t ask how I managed to TA two times for the same teacher two years in a row… (I suspect it was because I was so good Hahaha.) I think I have even heard whispers of how no TA would ever come near to my skills… XD

If I’m being honest I can’t remember very much of what I actually learned from English literature  (I do remember reading…. a freaking lot.) But what will stick with me the most was the relaxed days of being a TA, silly as it sounds. I can clearly remember walking into the room and going to my special drawer that had a file that was usually filled with my task for the day. And if it was empty I would either clean the white board or return to my desk in the back to settle down for my homework. Did I learn anything from it? Probably not that much but it did show me how satisfying it could be to be helpful to someone who really needed it.

What does the Ides of March mean to me? A phrase we learned from Julius Ceasar about a warning from some fortune teller. What does it remind me of? Being a TA.