10 Things that you should do on your birthday.

If you have been counting you will already know that I recently celebrated my 28th birthday! (YAY) To commemorate these 28 years I have put together a list of 10 things I recommend doing on your birthday!


  1. Relax! If ever there was a day you were entitled to just taking it easy and sleeping in bed today is the day most people would agree you should do it!
  2. Have fun! What do you enjoy? Hiking, shopping, spending time with friends? Whatever it is, take some time to have some fun!
  3. Smile! Congrats you are one year older! Being alive is great so be happy!
  4. Enjoy all of the free things! Some restaurants offer free meals on your birthday! Take advantage and get a nice meal!
  5. Try something new. Whether it’s a new dish at a restaurant or maybe just a different colored eyeshadow, enjoy creating some new memories.
  6. Take a picture! The day will fly by since you’re having so much fun! Capture that memory!
  7. Have cake. If you like cake… eat cake.. if you prefer ice cream… eat ice cream. Who’s gonna judge! It is your birthday after all!
  8. Blow out your candles and actually make a wish! If you have a cake and candles! Don’t forget to make that wish! There is nothing wrong with wishing for wings! So WISH!
  9. Be Kind. Sometimes I know that I can get demanding when I really really want something. So take it from someone who knows.. be kind to everyone around you regardless.
  10.  Call your Mom. If you are lucky enough to still have your Mom around give her a call. Remember it’s a special day for her too!


You don’t have to do the entire list but I recommend choosing a couple to remember for your birthday! Comment below and let me know what your top 10 are!

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