So often I get asked the question: “Where did the name Cotton and Creme come from? “Well sit down kiddies I’m gonna tell you a story about back in my day. (HAHHAHA) But here is the truth… the long and short of it.

When I was younger I participated in a organization called 4-H. Similar to FFA, 4-H was aimed at children ages 5-18 and covered everything from sewing, cooking, photography, as well as animal husbandry. Yup! You guessed it! I raised animals! Goats, chickens, pigs, all animals big and small.

In 4-H there are different types of competitions. Market, Dairy, breeding, and then a few fun ones. One of the most creative of these branches was a competition called Lads and lassies. In this you had a showman and a sheep who dressed up together in matching attire that was supposed to be comprised of… WOOL! It was for all purposes a fashion show! Most fairs have the Lads and Lassies competition but it wasn’t until I was 13 or so that I was introduced to the Cotton and Creme version. Having never owned a sheep I wasn’t able to compete in the Lads and Lassies, however…. at one fair they had a goat version of this with a minor change in the detail, the outfit needed to be…. drumroll… COTTON! Hence the name Cotton and Creme!

It’s a part of my past and I thought it would be fitting for a girl who loves food and fashion! What are some fun things that you participated in as a child?

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