A New Star is Born!

One of the many Palm Springs Stars! 

If you have ever visited downtown Palm Springs you will have noticed the walk of stars that line the pavement up and down Palm Canyon Drive. Today I witnessed the birth of a new Palm Springs Star. The Debbie Gibson star was just unveiled this morning with the STAR herself!


Debbie Gibson and all of her loved ones and supporters present for the unveiling!

I was lucky enough to be among the crowd of “DebHeads” as the dedication was made. The Palm Springs Walk of Stars began back in 1992 (WAY before my time) and has since included Hollywood names such as Buddy Rogers, Sonny Bono, Mary Pickford, Frank Sinatra, and so many more!!! So next time you’re in Palm Springs take some time to wander down the sidewalk  discover all of the stars. I always do!

Congratulations Debbie Gibson! 

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